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Archangel Lightworks announces establishment of US subsidiary

Central Florida Research Park, Orlando, Fla. (May 20, 2021) - Archangel Lightworks announces today that it has established a new US subsidiary.

Following on from winning Space Florida’s grand prize at the 2020 Florida Venture Aerospace Innovation and Tech Forum and with continued support from Space Florida, Archangel Lightworks USA will be based in Florida, with offices in Orlando.

“Space Florida is pleased to welcome Archangel Lightworks to Florida,” said Frank DiBello, Space Florida President and CEO. “Archangel’s establishment of its first U.S. subsidiary in Orange County, is a testament to the State’s thriving capital ecosystem and rapidly expanding aerospace industry. We congratulate the company on its recent achievements, which includes earning the top spot at the Space Florida sponsored 2020 Aerospace Innovation and Tech Forum last year, and look forward to future success.”

Archangel Lightworks CEO, Richard Johanson, meets with the Space Florida team of Ryan Robertson, Tony Gannon and Keevin Williams in the Brevard County offices

The establishment of Archangel Lightworks USA will be supported by the University of Central Florida and its Incubation Soft-Landing Program.

“We are very excited that Archangel Lightworks has decided to stand up their US operations in Orlando and to partner with the UCF and the Business Incubation Program through our Soft-Landing Program.  They represent exactly the type of company we look for.... a talented team with leading edge innovation in a rapidly growing market and a commitment to anchoring their growth in Central Florida” said Carol Ann Logue, Director of Programs & Operations for the University of Central Florida’s Innovation Districts and Business Incubation Program.

CEO of Archangel Lightworks, Richard Johanson, says “The establishment of Archangel Lightworks USA is a fantastic step for the company and has been the result of hard work by many. We have gratefully received significant support from our partners in the region and look forward to growing our team and our presence in Florida!”

Archangel Lightworks are actively looking for partners and opportunities in the US – get in touch by submitting an enquiry or emailing Follow Archangel on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and sign up to the newsletter for the latest updates.



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