Grow yourself.

Grow together.

We are about making the future.  We are a team of delivery-focused and high growth mindset people, working on problems never solved before.
If you are looking for space technology challenge and  have been comfortable punching above your weight, 

you have come to the right place.


Our Commitment to You

As a young company, people are our biggest asset. We look for people with big ideas and the courage to challenge bad established ones.

In return, we give you exciting work on laser communication in a stimulating environment with a prospect to make a difference in the world. Expect early responsibility and fast progression.

We have big ambitions, and we want people who can grow as we do.

We look for the following traits for every new member of the team: 







A Good Mix of People 

We know the benefit of a diverse team. We welcome applications from people of different backgrounds, abilities, genders, age, experience, all shapes and sizes... As long as you enjoy doing great work, proactively push things forward, with a bit of humour, you have come to the right place.

Simran Mardhani

"A plethora of opportunities to master in your field of interest while simultaneously learning something new"

Jay Smith

"I am paid to work on difficult and interesting engineering problems and to be at the cutting edge of research in both air and space"

Juan Abelaira

"Skilled, passionate and talented collegues working on an exciting, challenging and disruptive project"

Alessandro Tringali

"I love working for this company because laser communications are the future, I am being part of it"

Owain Pryce-Jones

"I work for Archangel Lightworks due to the impact the space lasers we are developing have on downstream applications that solve real world problems"

Diana Mathew

"It's a great opportunity to work for a company developing an affordable, more secure, data transmission solution using space lasers"

Liam Foley

"The team is friendly and supportive.. we are working together to push the boundaries of physics beyond the horizon"

Ulrich Gengenbach

"I work at Archangel Lightworks to influence future space business and, of course, space lasers"

Interested in joining?

Changing the world is within reach. Check out our current open vacancies and speak to the recruitment team.

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