Not your average space laser company.

We've developed a new generation of space-air laser communication terminals and technologies to help solve the world's persistent challenges. We are working to close the gap between space operations and air operations and allow hybrid systems to operate at greater efficiency and efficacy.  Being able to elevate the terminals above the cloud is a key enabler for industry uptake of laser communication. The best place to use laser communications is where the cloud isn't. 

A startup with decades of aerospace experience

We are a UK-headquartered space company, laser focused on unlocking the data bottlenecks that limit the space sector.

Our journey

Archangel Lightworks was spun out of Archangel Aerospace, a niche consultancy for High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) that facilitated the world-record flight campaigns and activities on 6 continents.

We embarked on technical and business case explorations to select the highest impact and highest value activity we should pursue to leverage our expertise, credibility and industry insights. 

Following initial proof of concept projects, Lightworks was established in 2017 and was profitable in its first year.  Now, with commercial partners and the European Space Agency,  Lightworks is building laser communication infrastructure to support the burgeoning space industry.


Our Leadership team


Dan Sola


HAPS lead including world record flights at Archangel Aerospace (QinetiQ, Airbus). British Army Officer (Afghanistan), Singularity University Mentor, Systems Engineer.

Oxford University MEng

Richard Johanson.png

Richard Johanson


Technology and strategy consultant

with experience at Social Ventures Australia,

IBM and the Satellite Applications Catapult, 

International Space University Alumnus

Oxford University MBA


Trang Tran


Consulting, legal and startup experience

Science background (BSc, MSc), business foreground (MSc)

Oxford University MSc


Owain Pryce-Jones

CTO, Systems Engineer

Cofounder, recovering physicist

Space systems engineer, HALO Gateway architect, UAS

Manchester University MSc


Ulrich Gengenbach

CPO, Head of Projects

Aerospace engineer with over 12 years’ experience especially focused on: Satellite Operations, Validation, Verification and Testing, Systems engineering and Technical Project Management.