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Not your average space laser company.

We are revolutionising networks to make the world a more connected place and to help solve the Earth’s most persistent challenges.   

We envision a future where networks can manage the data demands of 6G and beyond. Where networks are resilient and secure – capable of rapidly scaling to meet demand and able to react to the unexpected. Where no more data is stranded on satellites, ships, planes, or autonomous vehicles. Where climate, weather monitoring, and food security data will be available in abundance to improve life on Earth. 

Our journey

Archangel Lightworks was spun out of Archangel Aerospace, a niche consultancy for High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) that facilitated the world-record flight campaigns and activities on 6 continents. 


Archangel Lightworks was established in 2017. In 2021, Archangel Lightworks USA Inc., a US subsidiary company, was established with offices based in Orlando, Florida. Now, with commercial and financial partners, Archangel Lightworks is building high-volume, secure, wireless technology to create the space-enabled networks of the future.  

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Awards & Achievements

Forum_Winner_Seal_2020 (1).png

Space Florida's Grand Prize Winner at the Florida Venture Aerospace Innovation & Tech Forum 2020

beeas logo_2020_WINNER.jpg

Start Up of the Year - British Engineering Excellence Awards 2020

Archangel Lightworks (1).jpg

Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - South East
Great British Entrepreneur Awards 

SES Badge - Finalist - silver.png

Finalist - SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit 2020


Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - South East
Barclays Entrepreneur Awards


Catalyst Accelerator - Hybrid Data Movement Cohort 2022

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