Paving the way for NewSpace.

There is tremendous growth in space data volume.


Earth Observation (EO) data is used in applications from ranging from combatting climate change to fighting illegal logging. This growth, combined with plummeting launch and component costs in other areas of the NewSpace economy, is driving record numbers of satellites to be launched, with more sophisticated sensors. Sensors that produce exponentially more data, especially those with high temporal/spatial/spectral resolution.  

The radio bottleneck

Radio links are a constraint for that growth:

  • Radio spectrum supply is a flat line or, in some cases, is reducing due to re-allocation outside of the space industry.

  • Spectrum licensing limitations prevent or delay many satellite and ground control station projects.

 Optical links are needed for the future of cyber security

  • Quantum encryption will require optical links for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

Circuit Board

The problem:
Exponential demand

Flat supply

Traditionally lasers have been blocked by clouds

Lasers offer massively higher bandwidth - data rates of 10Gbps are achievable today and Tbps transfer rates are feasible in future.

No licenses are needed as there is no interference from other transmitters, unlike radio. In addition, terrestrial optical communications is a mature industry (and in your home)

However, space-ground laser communications are limited by cloud.

Our High Altitude Lasers bypass cloud

We fly above the cloud to enable data links connecting hybrid architectures of space, ground and airborne assets.  The resulting links are:

  • Reliable and available

  • Located for maximum customer utility (irrespective of cloud)

  • Secure

  • Unlicensed

  • Very high data rate

  • Future proof and upgradeable

  • Flexible and resilient

The case for Space Lasers

Laser terminals are like the perfect conference speakers or dinner guests


Highly informative
Data rates of at least 10Gbps are achievable today.


Highly targeted to the audience and discreet.
Just your data, just for you.  Lasers are inherently more secure than radio due to the physical beam width, quite apart from the quantum encryption methods that physically require lasers to work.


Easy to book and confirm
No license needed and no interference from other transmitters, unlike radio.