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Space connectivity reimagined.

We are building deployable laser communication systems for the space-enabled networks of the future.

Lasercom Opportunity

Space and terrestrial networks are poorly connected leading to insecure, insufficient and vulnerable infrastructure. Laser communications (lasercom) offers an opportunity to improve these networks to help us move valuable data in and through space. 


Lasercom is starting to solve these connectivity issues; however, adoption has been slow due to availability concerns, lack of interoperability standards, and high production costs.  


We are making laser communication systems more available and affordable to maximise our ability to connect.  

Value Multiplier

The uses of space data just keep expanding. Today this includes understanding climate change, safety at sea, earthquake prediction,  logistics and flight planning... The list keeps growing.  ALL of the applications rely on the underlying data and are limited by the provision of that data.  


Our vision is maximise the potential for global connectivity and space data to do good in the world by building the space-enabled networks of the future, today. 

Above Earth

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