100x the data
from space.

We are developing the next generation of ultra-high performance optical communication terminals and technologies.

Value Multiplier

The uses of space data just keep expanding. Today this includes agriculture, fighting crime (piracy, slavery, illegal fishing and illegal logging), safety at sea, earthquake prediction, weather tracking and forecasting, logistics and flight planning... The list keeps growing.  ALL of the applications rely on the underlying data and are limited by the provision of that data.  Working to 100x the data downloaded has a highly leveraged positive impact on society.

Our vision is to maximise the potential for space data to do good in the world, putting data in the hands of people who need it most.

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Awards & Achievements

Space Florida's Grand Prize Winner at the Florida Venture Aerospace Innovation & Tech Forum 2020

Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - South East
Great British Entrepreneur Awards 

Catalyst Accelerator - Tech Collision 2020

Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - South East
Barclays Entrepreneur Awards

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