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Laser terminals are like the perfect conference speakers or dinner guests











                   They also go 'pew pew' just like in the movies*.


The uses of space data just keeps expanding. Today this includes agriculture, fighting crime (piracy, slavery, illegal fishing and illegal logging), safety at sea, earthquake prediction, weather tracking and forecasting, logistics and flight planning ... The list keeps growing.  ALL of the applications rely on the underlying data and are limited by the provision of that data.  Working to 100x the data downloaded has a highly leveraged positive impact on society which we find pretty motivational.



                   *requires fitting a speaker to the user interface on the ground.

Highly informative
Data rates of 10Gbps are achievable today.

Highly targeted to the audience and discreet.
Just your data, just for you.  Lasers are inherently more secure than radio due to the physical beam width, quite apart from the quantum encryption possible.

Easy to book and confirm
No license needed and no interference from other transmitters, unlike radio.

Our Partners

Time until launch...

Not your average space laser company.


We are a UK-headquartered space company.


We are laser focused (pun intended) on data bottlenecks that can be resolved using laser communication.