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Archangel Lightworks joins Catalyst Accelerator’s Hybrid Data Movement Cohort

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected, alongside seven other innovative small businesses, to join the upcoming Hybrid Data Movement Cohort of the prestigious Catalyst Accelerator.

The Catalyst Accelerator, powered by the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/RV), was developed to promote technology advancement for the war fighter and guide technology transfer for the government to industry and vice versa. The US Space Force (USSF), Combatant Command operators, strategic decision makers, and tactical users need capabilities that can support hybrid data architectures to pull, store, move, analyse, correlate, display and push any kind of data to any user at any given time from any source in space or on earth. Therefore, the US Space Force, in conjunction with AFRL/RV, sought companies with innovative technologies to accelerate development of this hybrid data architecture and ensure the movement of the data happens for USSF in real time or near-real time.

KiMar Gartman, Program Director for The Catalyst Accelerator, stated, “The Catalyst Accelerator team, along with 13 others from Industry and Government, spent the month of January choosing the top eight companies of those that applied for the Accelerator’s Spring cohort focused on Hybrid Data Movement. These companies have technologies that we believe will assist the Air Force and Space Force in developing a secure, scalable hybrid data environment so that users can manipulate diverse data sets from varied sources with greater speed and accuracy. We look forward to an amazing Accelerator session with the companies we have selected!”.

Capt Scott Hedden, Government Lead for The Catalyst Accelerator, expressed, “We are thoroughly impressed with the technology these small businesses can bring to the Government and Commercial sector, and I’m excited to be involved with the Catalyst Accelerator team helping deliver enhanced capabilities to the Warfighter!”.

Find out more about this cohort of The Catalyst Accelerator here.



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