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Archangel Lightworks Collaborates with SSC Space UK on Optical Communication Integration Project

Archangel Lightworks are proud to announce the kick-off of a new project in collaboration with SSC Space UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish Space Corporation (SSC).

SSC is a leading global provider of advanced space services with more than 50 years of experience. SSC owns and operates one of the largest commercially owned global ground networks supporting satellites and constellations in any orbit. Moreover, the company provides specialised competence in space and satellite operations, rocket and balloon systems including experiment equipment, launch services, aerospace engineering services as well as data analytics (GlobalTrust).

Archangel Lightworks is building the next generation of ultra-high performance, cloud resilient optical communication technologies. Using its proprietary laser technology, Archangel Lightworks integrates space, air, and ground assets into hybrid architectures, extending the network edge and connecting networks of networks.

Archangel Lightworks and SSC Space UK are collaborating on a network modelling as part of the Harwell and Sci Tech Daresbury Campus Cross-Cluster programme. In this proof-of-concept project, Archangel and SSC Space UK will simulate network configurations including optical ground and air stations in a diverse set of locations globally.

“We are excited to support Archangel Lightworks on this Cross-Cluster project to validate the use of wireless laser communications in different network configurations. We welcome initiatives that introduce optical communications services into our global network and help alleviate the growing bottle-neck for downloading ever-increasing amounts of data produced in space.” says John Stuart, Managing Director, SSC Space UK.

“Free space optical communication is poised to reshape the satellite connectivity landscape and the communications networks of tomorrow. We are excited to be collaborating with SSC Space UK on this Cross-Cluster project to validate the use of wireless laser communications in different network configurations to help get more data down from space more quickly and securely than ever before.” says Richard Johanson, CEO, Archangel Lightworks.



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