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Archangel Lightworks announces the kick-off of its Seed Fundraising round

Today, Archangel Lightworks announces the kick-off of its Seed Fundraising round.

Archangel Lightworks is a laser communication company on a mission to build the next generation of ultra-high performance, cloud resilient optical communication technologies. Using its proprietary laser technology, Archangel Lightworks connects space, air and ground to accelerate the development of major market segments like satellite data downlink, inter-satellite links and quantum key distribution.

Record numbers of satellites are being launched, with more sophisticated sensors that produce exponentially more valuable data that is used in important applications, from climate monitoring to maritime protection. However much of this data is lost at the edge, due to traditional lasers being blocked by clouds and the radio spectrum bottleneck. Our mission is to 100x the data volume downloadable from orbit. Find out more about our unique solution here.

Archangel Lightworks’ innovative technology has received international recognition. In June 2020, the company won the prestigious Grand Prize at Space Florida’s 2020 Aerospace Innovation Forum. In the UK, Archangel Lightworks were the national winner at the British Engineering Excellence Awards, as well as regional winner at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Barclay’s Entrepreneur Awards. In May 2021, Archangel Lightworks established a US subsidiary ‘Archangel Lightworks USA Inc’ with offices in Orlando, Florida.

“Archangel Lightworks is entering an exciting new phase bringing our technology to market with our partners and customers. Wireless laser communication is a critical technology for the future of connectivity. Given the number of satellites launching each year and the need to move data quickly and securely between satellites and to the ground, the number of laser communications opportunities is growing rapidly. This funding round will enable us to grow our team to take advantage of these new and emerging opportunities.“ says CEO, Richard Johanson.

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